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Through our newsletter, we keep our readers informed about local, regional and national Blues events, concerts, and festivals. We also review blues CD's, books, and other media. Our mission is to preserve blues music as a valued American art form by educating our readers about the blues.
We publish quarterly, with an all-volunteer staff, and are supported soley by advertising and donations. When you join the Billtown Blues Association, Inc. the newsletter will be delivered directly to your home.
Advertising Rates:
$50.00 - 1/8 pg (3 1/2" Wide x 2" High)
$85.00 - 1/4 pg (3 1/2" Wide x 4 3/4" High)
$160.00 - 1/2 pg (7 1/2" Wide x 4 3/4" High) or
                   (3.5"W x 9.5"H)
Frequency and pre-payment discounts available.
Classified ads:
25 words or less $5, FREE to BBA members.

Submission Specifications:
Standard half page column is 560 words.
Camera ready ads should be grayscale,
at 300 dpi, .jpg or .pdf format.
We can design an ad for you, but there may be an additional charge.
Photographs should be in color.
Will be printed in grayscale for newsletter, but may also be used in color on our website, Facebook page, and other print publication for advertising purposes.
- Photos without accompanied text (who it is, when it was taken, etc) or photos that do not go with a submitted article may not be accepted.
- All items are considered for inclusion based on when they are submitted (first in first out), relevance to main focus of current issue, and space left at time of submission. Items may be accepted after deadlines depending on space and time limitations.

For questions or additional information click below
All submissions must be sent electronically
Spring 2018 (Billtown Blues Challenge Issue)
      Distributed by Feb. 25, 2018
      Deadline to reserve space is Feb. 3
      Submissions must be received by Feb. 9

Summer 2018 (Billtown Blues Festival Issue)
      Distributed by May 15, 2018
      Deadline to reserve space is Apr 6
       Submissions must be received by Apr 13

Fall 2018 (Year in review)
      Distributed by August 14, 2018
      Deadline to reserve space is Jul 6
      Submissions must be received by Jul 13

Winter 2018 (Fall into the Blues)
      Distributed by October 9, 2018
      Deadline to reserve space is Sep 7
      Submissions must be received by Sep 14

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Volunteers Needed
Anyone wishing to volunteer articles, CD reviews, sales expertise, proofreading, or other skills related to publishing this newsletter, please contact us.

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